Through innovative technology, G is transformed from the traditional lounge space into a mesmerizing environment, with an extensive range of visual enhancements and crystal clear sounds. Each night at G represents a new beginning, where the facilities are in place to create fresh experiences in Philadelphia’s celebrated Rittenhouse Square neighborhood

The freedom to innovate and realize creative visions is made possible by G’s signature wall; electronic wallpaper spanning the 55-foot back wall of G’s VIP section. The signature wall is visible from different angles within the 10,000 square foot space. Operating by means of LED video technology, G’s signature wall is composed of uniquely configured tiles, and is capable of producing over one billion colors to form artistic patterns, morphing displays, and pulsating tiles to thoroughly enhance your experience. G proudly houses the largest LED wall of its kind across the United States.

This state-of-the-art technology is easily manipulated to showcase the signature colors, logos, and concepts of any brand or company, making G the ideal space for social and corporate events, parties, celebrations, and the launch of new products.The acoustic landscape of G is enhanced with a well-balanced sound system that operates through both digital and analog technology. Digital processors produce crystal clear sounds, and guests enjoy the highs, lows, and individual voices with great intelligibility. Resident and celebrity DJs enhance the environment with an eclectic mix of sounds, spanning genres and decades, through first-rate sourcing equipment.

Utilizing 1080p progressive scan technology, 65” LCD displays span G’s interior, upon which vibrant scenes encourage serenity and relaxation. Breathtaking landscapes, cool beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and more; guests at G will be transported from Philadelphia’s city streets to varying landscapes and surroundings upon each visit.